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A work in progress

Opening in 2017, the team behind PietraCasa haven busy preparing the new tile studio. Work has began to transform half our warehouse (based at Unit 15 Branksome Business Park, Bourne Valley Road, Poole BH12 1DW, United Kingdom) into a contemporary showroom of our stunning, large format porcelain tiles as well as other elements, such as a bespoke Vero Design fireplace from Belgium, to showcase both the products and possibilities of porcelain. The space is opening in June, but clients and architects are welcome to arrange an appointment before then to see our collection of high quality luxury porcelain tiles; for all updates follow our Instagram

As well as our design space taking shape, we have also been working on a large contemporary 5-bedroom house in Hampshire. The bathroom showcases the luxury large format porcelain tiles from the Florim group. The bespoke bathtub has been clad in vein matched Statuario porcelain, with mitred edges and a Blum push pull drawer. The Casa Dolce Casa grey wooden porcelain planks for flooring add texture, as well as some variation of material. 

For more information on PietraCasa's extensive range of high quality porcelain tiles, recent projects or information on the large format porcelain tiles, please contact one of our sales and design team in Poole. 

Elegant Keope Ceramiche tiles

PietraCasa are UK stockists and dealers of Keope Ceramiche porcelain tiles. Keope offer elegant, luxury and unique porcelain stoneware for interior and exterior spaces. The contemporary range of porcelain ceramic tiles can be used for floor or wall coverings to create a modern contemporary look. With production based in the heart of Italy, Keope have strong belief in their finishing touches being to the highest standards based on technical advances coupled with a long history of porcelain manufacture. 

Although Keope focus their tiles on interior spaces, their tiles can also be used for exterior use such as cladding or swimming pools. This means porcelain tiles become of greater interest to various architecture and design professional and private clients. Increasingly common within contemporary homes is the desire to run tiles seamlessly through the interior to the exterior. This harmonious approach to floor coverings creates an elegant, seamless look and forms the look of a open living area instead division. 

From a soft, neutral wood effect to a textured solid concrete effect, Keope manufacture many types of gorgeous, luxury porcelain tiles in 10mm, 20mm and 30mm. Much like other high-end brands Keope keep to a neutral, timeless palette of colours, resulting in the wood effect tiles to look beautiful and natural, as well as having a great amount of texture and character. Technical elements allow staircases, swimming pools and external features to be finished in porcelain.

Keope's most recent collection 'Elements' is an comprehensive collection of standard and large format porcelain tiles. 'Elements Lux' for example is a collection of marble effect porcelain that is breathtaking. Developers and builders looking for a competitive low-cost volume porcelain tile, should consider the 'Code' collection, which is Keope's take on natural stone in a variety of tones for a luxury feel. 'Prime' and 'Soul' are a couple of wood effect porcelain plank collections. Along with PietraCasa's collection of luxury porcelain tiles, Keope offer many options for whichever style you require. PietraCasa are UK suppliers of luxury ceramic porcelain tiles working with the worlds leading tile manufacturers of Italian porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles. 

For more information on PietraCasa and other materials we supply please contact PietraCasa. 

Casa Dolce Casa tiles in the UK

PietraCasa are UK suppliers of Casa Dolce Casa porcelain tiles. Casa Dolce Casa is an Italian brand within the Florim group of porcelain tiles who manufacture tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, living and bedrooms. The contemporary brand focuses on the neutral warm palette, to create beautiful, luxury looking interiors. Their tiles are very simple yet beautifully effective, with the potential to create an impact, being contemporary but with a traditional sense. The finishes and type of tile can vary from; textured, natural or polished, marble, stone, wood effect, for both  interior and exterior - creating a seamless transition between spaces. Our favourite tile being the Calacatta natural porcelain tile, this tile can enhance a floor or kitchen especially when used as a splash back or kitchen worktop.

Founded in 1994, Casa Dolce Casa made sure every small detail was professional and met high-end standards. Later in 2005 the brand merged with Florim and even to this day manages to offer luxury and great, unique, natural touches whether that be the pattern of the marble or the texture of the tiles. Their collection of wood effect tiles are also really creative and give a sense of bringing the outdoors indoors and injecting a bold natural texture to a room. It was this reason, the authentic representation of wood with all of its nuances, that PietraCasa choose Florim Casa Dolce Casa as it's tile supplier. 

Stones & More is another collection like the Wooden tile CDC collection, which offers 5 different surfaces, 10 colours and many thicknesses and sizes to choose from. The Calacatta natural finish is part of this collection, along with other popular tiles within Casa Dolce Casa such as the Zecevo tile. The Zecevo is a gorgeous beige tile with a rich, grey marble finish embedded to give an illusion of movement. On close inspection the detail is incredible, with fractures and layers of colour presented in a convincing representation of marble.

Origins of Carrara

Carrara marble is a high-quality type of white or blue-grey marble, a metamorphic rock made from microscopic calcium carbonate crystals. Carrara is very popular for use in sculpture, building and interiors. 190 million years ago big parts of north Tuscany were flooded which meant lime sediment decomposed on the sea floor eventually forming the Carrara marble. This beautiful, modern looking material was then quarried in Italy and produced more marble than any other place on earth which is extraordinary.

This type of marble has been used since Ancient Rome which is why most of the extraordinary buildings there are made of this precious stone, for example The Pantheon and the Column of Marcus Aurelius. Since then this stunning material has been used all over the world for sculptures such, as the Marble Arch in London, the First Canadian Palace in Canada and the Akshardham in India. 

The marble made such a high impact in the architectural world, PietraCasa use this strong material in large format tiles for floors, walls and kitchen worktops. Carrara marble is also ideal for staircases as the elegant marble effect instantly gives a home a beautiful contemporary look. For more information about the various marble finishes PietraCasa supplies, contact PietraCasa here.





REX - the elegance of porcelain

‘Rex, a sophisticated and elegant high end brand of which use the most precious natural materials. Choosing Rex means choosing elegance, luxury, glamour and sensuality.’

Each individual brand Florim has created have unique personalities and depending on the type of mood/finish you're looking for; you're able to bring your walls and flooring to life. Which is the reason were so passionate about Rex, because of how it’s inspired by nature, the brand is able to take a timeless natural element and design coordinating floor and wall coverings in a gorgeous pure material. 

In 1980 Rex Ceramiche Artistiche became the leader in home flooring as it was one of the first ceramic factories to produce beautifully glazed porcelain tiles. Italy now have many large-scale production companies of porcelain tiles as the material is becoming more popular in the interior industry. Timber, stone, marble and ivory instantly create organic and wholesome vibes, and by bringing the outdoors indoors is a innovative way to bring uniqueness into a personal space. The latest trends are exemplary for all interiors, residential, collective, in hotels, restaurants, stores and wellness centres. We believe Rex is the chosen brand for customers who are excessively daring as well as customers who prefer small hints of luxury with glamour and sensuality.