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Origins of Carrara

Carrara marble is a high-quality type of white or blue-grey marble, a metamorphic rock made from microscopic calcium carbonate crystals. Carrara is very popular for use in sculpture, building and interiors. 190 million years ago big parts of north Tuscany were flooded which meant lime sediment decomposed on the sea floor eventually forming the Carrara marble. This beautiful, modern looking material was then quarried in Italy and produced more marble than any other place on earth which is extraordinary.

This type of marble has been used since Ancient Rome which is why most of the extraordinary buildings there are made of this precious stone, for example The Pantheon and the Column of Marcus Aurelius. Since then this stunning material has been used all over the world for sculptures such, as the Marble Arch in London, the First Canadian Palace in Canada and the Akshardham in India. 

The marble made such a high impact in the architectural world, PietraCasa use this strong material in large format tiles for floors, walls and kitchen worktops. Carrara marble is also ideal for staircases as the elegant marble effect instantly gives a home a beautiful contemporary look. For more information about the various marble finishes PietraCasa supplies, contact PietraCasa here.