When clients asked us what the largest format porcelain tile we supply is, their mouths tend to drop ajar when they find out it’s actually 160cm x 320cm’s. You might say it’s difficult to imagine how a porcelain tile could be so vast not to mention how it is handled when hanging your preferred large format tile to a wall or laying it correctly in place on the floor. Our large format porcelain tiles offer contemporary sophistication and ostentatious luxury to larger spaces whether they are for a kitchen, bathroom or entryway to a commercial or residential property. Large tiles increase a feeling of space alongside modern ambience and a seamless consistency throughout the design. 

Are Large Format Porcelain Tiles better than smaller format porcelain tiles? Well it’s entirely up to personal preference and space requirements. As the tile increases in size, the amount of grout joints decrease therefore the amount of grout required is significantly less, however, the grout that surrounds a smaller format tile offers definition and colour balance. The focus is then on the tile itself and the personalisation of its size and shape.  The variation of porcelain tile sizes we supply here at PietraCasa offer each client a solution to the space they wish to display as well as an opportunity to put their own stamp within the proposed design. For many people, home is the only place where they can truly be themselves therefore it’s imperative that we get it right the first time and let the client decide whether large or small format tiles accommodate their desired spaces. 

Here at PietraCasa, our tiles are suitable for commercial residential projects. For further details regarding any of PietraCasa's beautiful porcelain tiles or to speak to one of their experienced team representatives for additional information, please click here where you'll be asked to fill in a short online contact us page along with details of how to locate PietraCasa based in Poole, Dorset. Alternatively, you can call us directly via tel: +44 (0)1202 618 155.

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