What is a porcelain benchtop?

Here at PietraCasa, our Porcelain benchtops are made of high-density, low-porosity ceramic slabs. Porcelain is a new material to be used as surfacing in the kitchen and may well be the product that ends our love affair with quartz-based stone. Many of the properties that make quartz-based stone so popular are also present in porcelain, with a few superior properties quartz-based stone does not have.

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How are porcelain slabs made?

PietraCasa's Porcelain benchtops are made of powdered clay and coloured pigments bonded together at extremely high temperature and pressure.Due to the fine particles used the surface can be formed with different textures, from smooth to bumpy. Designs can be printed onto the surface to mimic a range of materials from wood, concrete, marble and limestone.

When is it a good situation to use porcelain?

Pietracasa highly recommends that you use porcelain in food preparation areas. Its high density and low porosity makes porcelain ideal for use in food preparation zones. The material is highly resistant to foods and liquids absorbing into the surface, where in other low-density materials stains and bacteria can develop, such as red wine rings. Porcelain’s hardness also makes it excellent around cutting surfaces as it has exceptional scratching and abrasion resistance.

Here is an example of its astonishing strength:


It is ideal around gas cooktops and ovens: Porcelain is heat and fire resistant, making it an excellent benchtop and splashback surface around gas cooktops and ovens. In some other benchtop materials such as laminate, the heat can cause the surface to delaminate and dis-colour. 

It won’t fade in sunlight: A high UV resistance means a porcelain benchtop will not fade in direct sunlight. Ait is a great new material for outdoor barbeques. Some other solid surfaces are also UV resistant; always check with the supplier or your kitchen designer. 

It's great for long islands: Porcelain slabs are currently manufactured larger than the standard 3m long quartz-based slabs, avoiding seams or joins in long islands up to 3.2m and 1.6m wide. 

It can be used as cladding onto surfaces: Matching porcelain panels and tiles are also available at our sister company, PietraCasa. They are much lighter and thinner and are great for feature walls, applying to kitchen doors, drawer fronts, and splashbacks.

Here at PietraCasa, we supply and sell an impressive range of Luxury Large Format Porcelain Tiles. For further details regarding any of PietraCasa's beautiful porcelain tiles or to speak to one of their experienced team representatives for additional information, please click here where you'll be asked to fill in a short online contact us page along with details of how to locate PietraCasa directly on google maps. Alternatively, you can call us directly via tel: +44 (0)1202 618155 or email: studio@pietracasa.uk.