PietraCasa becomes the latest dealer of Mutina porcelain ceramics. The Italian brand Mutina takes porcelain into a new dimension by approaching the industry as artists and designers rather than a tile manufacturer. The result is an innovative high-quality product for contemporary interior spaces.

From the outset in 2006, Mutina ceramics are objects of art in themselves, not a representation of another material. The realisation of texture, form, shape and colour make for beautiful surfaces in interior environments such as bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks or feature walls.

Patricia Urquiola, a formidable designer, has introduced a number of collections including D├ęchirer and Cover which are particular favourites of ours, that bring a new approach to depth and texture. Handmade tiles act as the signature of the designer, each one with its own nuance and character. Underlying each collection is new technology in a traditional industry.

The complete collection is available from PietraCasa with a selection of our favourites on display at our showroom in Poole, Dorset. Open to both private and contract clients, our team welcome you to see firsthand the beauty and scale of Mutina. Serving clients in the south west of England, we deliver tiles across the country for projects of varying scales. Contact PietraCasa for more information on Mutina ceramics. 

The following video gives a real insight into the mentality of Mutina and why we enjoy collaborating with them.